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    JOYA Anti-counterfeiting Technology Co., LTD ,which was founded in 2002, is a high-tech company with expertise in the development of the products’ anti-counterfeiting and the production of anti-counterfeiting labels .It is reviewed and put on the record by China's Quality Supervision Departments. It’s the first hi-tech enterprise of domestic in researching and developing digital encryption type anti-counterfeiting technology, the member of China Trade Association for Anti-counterfeiting and a software enterprise in Chongqing.
    JOYA Electronic Code Encrypted Discoloration Anti-counterfeiting Technology was developed independently by our professional T&D team. It has been reviewed by the national expert and obtained a national patent, patent no. : ZL 2009 0128067.8, and it is also identified as one of Chongqing high-tech products. It is becoming more and more popular with customers.

    Company promotion idea: be honest, sincerely work, integrity management, creating value for customers.
    The main anti-counterfeiting technologies includes: Digital Anti-counterfeiting, Code Anti-counterfeiting, Laser Anti-counterfeiting, Temperature Anti-counterfeiting, Light and Variable Anti-counterfeiting, Dripping disappear Anti-counterfeiting, Watermark Anti-counterfeiting, Metal Safety line Anti-counterfeiting, Security Line Anti-counterfeiting, such as ground-tint, medallion, anaglyph etc. Micro porosity Anti-counterfeiting, Nuclear track Anti-counterfeiting, Fragile paper Anti-counterfeiting, Character-printing Anti-counterfeiting etc,

    The profile of the digital anti-counterfeiting labels

    The basic features are: protecting environment, pollution-free; query hint of the security code is correct or wrong, clear figures legible and no defects, no error code, no re-code; surface of a clear pattern of text and color, no pollution. Coating uniformity, surface cleaning; shelf life of 2 years.  

    Pay attention
    Attention: The effective anti-counterfeit code is 20 bit, if the figure is wrong,please be alert to the counterfeit!
    About our
    JOYA Anti-counterfeiting Technology Co., LTD ,which was founded in....More>>
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    E-mail: 799420834@qq.com

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